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Usinga state-of-the-art drone with spectacular cameras is often the go to solutionfor landscape photographers who want to take stunning aerial shots of somelocation. With a surge of individual content creators who upload regularly onthe social media sites, drones prove to be a game changer. Typically controlledvia a remote control the advanced versions of which have  screen built into it or an attachment for your smartphone to function as a screen, it is super handy, convenient and user-friendly especially with the current provisions of compiling and editing in the applications that come with it.Usually for the entire package, one needsto download the drone’s corresponding app on a smartphone. Once done the
cameras video can be viewed, recorded and subsequently edited and compiled for final presentation to the ever-hungry audience. The Drone manufacturers in the recent time have sought to incorporate all the ordinary elements of content production at a one stop experience of flying, recording and presentation. Here’s a list of the top brass of economically viable drones in India along
with their telling features.

With a 2MP 360p camera, the Tathastu Enterprise Drone has and can be quite useful especially for trekkers
and hikers who need to ensure the validity of trails before going ahead. The drone is powered by a  battery which has a capacity of 380mAh, which should be enough for single excursions that lets you recce your prospective path.It comes with a 10-12 minutes and hovers at a distance of around 40-m. This drone has LED lights built-in which enables the user to use it in dimly lit scenarios and at night as long as the drone is
close to the subject. It comes with a remote that has an application attachmentfor smartphones.

top drones in india

The A Ascetic Foldable Drone comes with built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with  5G transmission which is simply amazing as you can live stream your videos to your followers while flying it. The 480p camera works very well to film clear landscape visuals as it shoots in 4K and 1080p quality. The A Ascetic Foldable Drone features a massive battery capacity of 1200mAh which enables a flight time of 30 minutes, which can allow you to capture a fair bit of the area you want to explore. This drone takes up to 40 minutes for charging. The remote comprises of tow joysticks that to manoeuvre the craft. Just like the other drones It comes with a corresponding application available on iOS and Android.

If you’re hunting for a camera drone that can help you with photography, then the R Foldable GPS Drone might is the right choice. This is because this drone enables you to shoot excellent shots in 4K and also lets you stream live videos. It has a 1200mAh battery capacity, which makes it appropriate for people who want a drone with long flight times. In fact, its claimed flight time is 30 minutes and you need to charge it for at least 40 minutes before flying it. It has a total flying height of 50 meters, which should result in wide aerial shots. You can fold the drone in on itself to save space while storing it. The drone supports 360-degree flip functionality too, so you can take some creative shots while flying.

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